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 View Talay 6  Pattaya sea view condos for rent

Best location in Pattaya next to Central Festival shopping mall

   Holiday and long term condos for rent

View Talay 6 Pattaya sea view condos for rent. Best location in Pattaya next door to Central Festival and the Hilton Hotel. Holiday and long term rentals.

View Talay 6 is on Beach Road in the center of Pattaya between Beach Road and Second Road. We have sea view condos for rent at discount prices for monthly or holiday rentals. Central Festival shopping mall is next door featuring a Food Hall, supermarket, designer stores, restaurants, cinemas, indoor bowling and much more. The entrance for View Talay 6 is from Second Road and takes you to the third floor where there are shops, the View Talay 6 lobby area and the lifts.  We have sea view condos for rent in Pattaya. View Talay 6 is right next to the beach on Beach Road. There is a private walk way to the beach which has an automatically locking gate. A swipe card is needed to unlock the gate to gain access to the beach or to enter View Talay 6. There is a 7/11 next door on Beach Road. There are 2 floors of basement parking and security guards 24 hours. Parking is available free for guests with prior arrangement. The large swimming pool is on the 3rd floor facing the beach. Outside restaurants deliver to View Talay 6 using delivery service. Fast food restaurants also deliver to View Talay 6. Hairdressing salons, massage shops, mini marts and laundry services are available. You can book a massage in your own room.

The south side of View Talay 6 faces Walking Street and has beautiful views over Pattaya Bay, Koh Larn and Pratumnak Hill. View beautiful sunsets from your balcony and the all the lights of the floating restaurants and Walking Street.
The north side of View Talay 6 faces Central Festival and Naklua and is cooler than the Walking Street side. Stunning sea views to Naklua can be seen from the lift area going back towards Second Road end of View Talay 6. This is the cool side of the building. Stay cool and enjoy the view from the balcony from morning till night. Central Festival is immediately next door and is 18 stories high. If you are below the 20th floor on this side of the building you will be facing the concrete wall or the parking building of Central Festival shopping mall.

The Hilton Hotel is 34 stories high and is 0n the beach front Naklua side of View Talay 6.

Public transport using taxis or baht buses are available going north from Second Road and going south towards Walking Street from Beach Road. Baht bus fare is 10 baht per person. Simply wave your hand at an approaching baht bus ( dark blue pickup truck with seating at the back) and the driver will pull over while you get on board. Make sure it is going in the direction you want. If you are heading north you can confirm the final destination by asking “Naklua?” If you want to go to Big C Extra in central Pattaya ask the driver ” Pattaya Klang?” Press the buzzer when you want to get off. Go to the passenger side window and hand the driver or his assistant 10 baht. They carry limited change so try to have the correct amount. Baht buses travel a predetermined route either to Naklua going north or down Beach Road and along Pattaya Thai Road going east. Baht buses also travel along Pattaya Klang Road to Big C  Extra shopping Mall. Empty baht buses can be hailed by waving your hand and telling the driver your destination. Make sure you agree on a price before you get in. Be aware that most baht bus drivers do not speak english so make your destination short and clearly understood.

Motorbike taxis are another way to get around direct to your destination. The registered motorbike taxi drivers wear orange vests and are located at popular destinations. Make sure you ask the price before you agree to go. There might be a price list available. The usual fare is about 60 baht for a short trip. It is customary to give a tip.

Restaurants, massage shops, hair salons, mini marts, coffee shop and laundries are on the third floor.

The main entrance to View Talay 6 is from Second Road. View Talay 6 is next door to Central and across the road from the beach. A private walkway goes directly to Beach Road. The Walking Street side of View Talay 6 has beautiful views over Pattaya Bay and stunning sunsets.

The condos nearest Beach Road have the best views. The Central side of View Talay 6 has beautiful views of Naklua and night lights if above the 20th floor. The condos closest to Second Road have the best views on this side of the building. The Hilton Hotel is next door to View Talay 6 above Central Festival at the front of the building. The View Talay 6 reception desk is in the main lobby. It is open 7 days a week. Security guards are on duty 24 hours.

Use the private walkway to Beach Road to get to the beach and the 7/11 or jump on a baht bus to go to Royal Garden Shopping Centre or Mike’s Shopping Mall. Go to Walking Street by baht bus or walk. Bali Hai pier is at the far end of Walking Street. The automatically locking gate is operated by swipe card to enter and exit.


Great room, great view, great service. I booked in the UK using Paypal. When I arrived I checked in and was shown to my room. I was really jet lagged, so the super comfy king size bed was just heaven. It was really quiet and the blockout curtains let me sleep for hours during the daylight. The huge Smart TV plus the big comfy sofa meant that I was very happy to stay in my room and relax. My girlfriend loved it- Central Festival is just next door and the beach is right across the road. Many evenings we sat on the balcony enjoying the stunning night view of Naklua and the beach. We even had an ice bucket and champagne glasses to celebrate. It was like staying in a luxury hotel for half the price.

Andrew Drummond, Berkshire, UK